The indoor skatepark ha got a surface of more than 1400 m2. The floor is an a uniformly smooth concrete floor. There are different ramps in different settings and as you may probably already read, there have been many changes lately. Also in the future we want to plan more changes and upgrades

The hall of the indoor skatepark lies in "the centre" of Glanerbrug near a busstop, a supermarket, a NS trainstation en has enough room reserved for parking. At the skatepark itself there's a canteen and a terrace, where wou can relax and sit down for a moment.

Park elements

  • 2.5m high 8m wide midi ramp (Coca-Cola ramp);
  • 1.8m high 6m wide miniramp;
  • 1.8m high 6m wide wave pipe (new top layers);
  • 1.2 - 1.8m high 5m wide miniramp with a double spine (new top layers);
  • New funbox with a fat rail, launchramp and flats;
  • several quarter pipes;
  • several launch ramps / flatbanks;
  • grindboxes;
  • Pyramide (new top layers)

Since the last changes in the skatepark, some elements have been temporarily moves, replaces or removed. the big ramps will not be moved or removed.
Ofcourse we are open to suggestions and remarks, so please contact us if you have a question or suggestion.

Park rules

There are a few "park rules", which we expect one has to apply. Please read these carefully and avoid surprises.
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