Welcome at indoorskatepark.nl, the website of Indoor skatepark "The Edge" in Glanerbrug (Enschede - Holland). Many things changed the last time, in the skatepark, as on the internet! Now our website, www.indoorskatepark.nl, also got a brand new cool lay-out! The last news is that some of our tracks and pipes (wave-pipe and spine) have new top layers. In the near future the Indoor skatepark will become more updates & upgrades and also the website will get new info and features.
Ofcourse every reaction is welcome, so please if you have one, leave a message in our guestbook!

Hoe vaak ben jij in The Edge?

  • Zo vaak mogelijk, ik heb een toch abonnement!
    65 stemmen 7%
  • Minimaal 1 keer per week!
    103 stemmen 11%
  • Minimaal 1 keer per maand!
    97 stemmen 10%
  • Bijna nooit!
    126 stemmen 13%
  • Ik ben er nog nooit geweest!
    552 stemmen 59%
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